User Experience Design and Optimization for

William Setiabudi


BeSocialized wants to sell workshop class to the young professsionals and entrepreneurs who wants to learn more about social media and how to effectively use it as a marketing tool for their business. In order to achieve this goal, BeSocialized has decided to use a website as their main registration platform. The problem statement of this thesis is: How to design a Social Media Workshop website with the use of Lean UX methods according to the company’s style guide in order to have the best possible user experience for young entrepreneurs and employee at age 25-35 years old. In order to answer the problem statement, the author will follow the methodology of Lean UX in the design process. After finishing the prototype, the author will make a test about registration and contact process of All result of the test will be assesed and analyzed with usability metric that is standarize by ISO/IEC for effectiveness and efficiency followed by SUS questionnaire for the satisfaction. From the evaluation, new prototype is produced and it will be tested again using the same method. Result of two test will be compared to determine whether the adjustments improve website usability. The finding shows that the iterations of the test with adjustment made in between does indeed improve user experience. Necessary adjustments are made from user inputs and the author own observation of the test. In the end, user satisfaction for prototype has reached excellent rating and ready to be implemented as a real website.

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