Increasing Thunderplugs’ Website Effectiveness by Improving Website Design and Usability.

Maria Felicia Chandra


Website effectiveness or website conversion rate is an essential indicator of website performance. There are many ways to improve website effectiveness, and this present study focused on enhancing website effectiveness by redesigning the user interface and website navigation to enhance the User Experience (UX). Analysis such as heuristic evaluation, heat maps tracking, and competitor analysis were conducted to evaluate the current website. Heuristic evaluation was performed to assess what’s good and what’s need improvement. Heat maps tracking study the user behavior and tracking user’s eye movement. Competitor analysis was conducted to compare Thunderplugs’ website performance against the competitor. User testing was also conducted to evaluate the prototype performance. Some data from Thunderplugs’ Google Analytics were retrieved to provide more insights about the target market. From Krug (2014) and Qualaroo (2015), 14 items were adopted, to simplify the test and evaluation. Results from user testing indicated that the website redesigned were positively contributing to website effectiveness.


Website Effectiveness, Website Design, Website Usability, Conversion Rate, User Experience.

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