COP at Dilem Village-Gondang, Mojokerto: for Better Generations, Better Future

Taya ., David Setiawan Sanjaya, Carmel Avelyne, Resmana Lim


Dilem village is located in Gondang sub-district, Mojokerto Regency, which is 7 km away from centre of Gondang sub-district. At this village, Petra Christian University (PCU) held Community Outreach Program (COP) 2017. There are many problems  within  the  village.  Unfortunately,  the  villagers  cannot  solve  these problems on their own. That is why PCU is here to help them. To solve these problems, Petra Christian University made an institute named COP. COP is an international KKN (service learning) activity organized by Institute of Research and Community Service PCU, it integrates between Dharma Pendidikan (Dharma Education) dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (Service-Learning).

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