Service Learning through COP in Gumeng Village-District of Mojokerto

Mendy Hosana Makisedek, Jessica Canserin, Dieni Lucky, Matan Arthurria, Hendry Kurniawan, Richard Januard


Gumeng is a beautiful village with prosperous land and well-mannered people inside. Being prosperous land, it has abundant clean water for support their daily needs and fertile soils that can easily grow various crop. Moreover there are also some buildings that support their daily life such as school buildings, policlinic, mosque and a community hall.


With the approach of using whatever the nature gives, it seems like they can do anything without awareness to maintain the surrounding environment. The villagers have a bad habit about littering everywhere and as well it is common for them to just burn the waste which causes air pollution. Other than that, it is clear that they have abundant clean water but however the main problem is in the way it distributed to each households and village facilities.


Through  this  service-learning  program of  COP,  the  participants  have  been  able  to  help Gumeng village sorting out the problems by some projects such as building trash bins, installing pipes, building a gazebo, giving counselling sessions about littering habits and finally how to clean up the village.

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