Felecia ., Tanti Octavia, Debora Anne Y.A.


Siwalankerto area already has SMEs but have not been developed optimally due to any limitation. The
purpose of this service learning is to map Siwalankerto’s SMEs potential and their current challenges.
It is expected to this program can be continued with coaching program for each SME. Preparation is
conducted working together with Petra Research and Community Service Institution. Three SMEs
owner is surveyed and mapped. Ani collection makes handcraft and accessories, Sinom Segar Asli
produce Sinom drink, and Jajanan Melati makes cookies and cakes. It is found that not all SME can
produce their products continuously. They only active when there is a special event in Siwalankerto or
invitation for an exhibition. These SME also did not have good packaging design and legality for their

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