Template Full Paper of ACESA



Abstract should not exceed 150 words. The abstract should indicate the subject and scope of the paper and summarize the author’s overall research (Times New Roman 12).

Full Text:



Journal reference should be in the style set out as follows:

Wade, R.L. and Harris, R.B., “A Bidding Strategy”, Journal of the Construction Division, ASCE, Vol. 102, 1976, pp. 197-211.

Conference paper should be in the style set out as follows:

Manjeshwar, A. and Agrawal, D.P., “A Routing Protocol for Enhanced Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Proceedings of the 15th IPDPS, San Francisco (CA, USA), April 2001, pp. 2009-2015 (or paper number).

Book reference is given as follows:

Ogata, K., System Dynamics, 1st edition, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1992.


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